Connecting the Global Digital Economy

GGtech is committed to eliminating complex payment links in cross-border trade, providing flexible, rich, efficient and seamless cross-border payment new experience, fully empowering customers to expand international business, building strong international competitiveness, and releasing more business opportunities .

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GGtech is composed of financial payment technology experts and industry elites. It was established in Hong Kong. With its broad international vision and deep understanding of cross-border business needs, it is favored by customers.

Open local & global bank accounts

Create local bank accounts or foreign currency accounts across the globe without visiting a bank branch.

Spend your time as wisely as your dollars

Streamline your financial processes with corporate cards, expense management software, and more.

Take your business even further

Scale globally from day one, without the cost. Cut out needless fees with our bank-beating FX rates, transfers and multi-currency account.


Competitive Service

Global Payment

Covering mainstream scenarios and tracking progress throughout the process

Fast withdrawal

Easily withdraw cash anytime, anywhere to meet daily capital needs.

Exclusive customer service

Professional customer service team, all-weather guarantee service.

0 Exchange Loss

What you see is what you get, choose the best exchange rate at will

System Security

Years of payment, the system is mature, safe and reliable.

Peace Of Mind

Adhere to compliance, safe and traceable fund operations