Legal Disclaimer:

This agreement is a contract signed between GGtesh and you on matters related to your use of GGtesh services as a GGtesh user. In this agreement, "GGtesh", "we", and "our" refer to the relevant parties listed in Article 3 of this agreement. In order to use GGtesh services, you should fully read and understand this agreement, in which restrictions, exemption clauses or other clauses involving your major rights and interests (such as penalties for breach of contract, jurisdiction of disputes, etc.) may remind you to focus on them in bold, underlined, etc. .

Unless you have fully read, understood and agreed to accept and abide by this agreement, please do not use GGtesh services. If you click on the webpage to confirm or expressly or implicitly accept this agreement in any other way, or you use GGtesh services in any way, it is deemed that you have read and agreed to accept the terms of this agreement and the relevant service rules and privacy policy. constraint.

Please refer to our Privacy Policy to learn more about our handling of your personal information obtained by providing GGtesh services. If you are unqualified, or do not agree with relevant policy rules, then you will not have the right to use GGtesh services. Your use of GGtesh's services and GGtesh's provision of services to you, this agreement and related service rules and privacy policy will create legal effect between you and GGtesh.

Definition of GGtech Services

GGtech services refer to various products and services provided by GGtech, such as membership services, global store opening services, and GGtech partners, as well as documentation materials related to these services (which may be updated continuously) and other additional services you purchase. You can choose according to your own A requirement to choose to use one or more specific services and obey their service rules.

  1. you are over 18 years of age;
  2. You have not been suspended or terminated by GGtech before; and
  3. Your registration and use of GGtech services comply with applicable laws and regulations.
  4. If you are an entity, organization or company, then you ensure that the person accepting this agreement on your behalf is authorized and that you agree to be bound by this agreement.

Customer Support

You can contact our customer service at any time. You can email to

Your Obligations

You will not, and will not allow your affiliates, employees, contractors and any third party under your control, management or supervision:

  • Breach of this Agreement, the Privacy Policy, and any other agreements that apply to you;
  • Engaging in illegal business or activities;
  • Refuse to cooperate with an investigation or confirm your identity or information you have provided to us; or
  • Re-licensing and reselling GGtech services.
  • If GGtech believes that you have engaged in any of the above-mentioned acts, we may suspend or terminate your user account at our sole discretion or refuse to provide you with any GGtech services in the future.

Intellectual Property

The trademark rights, copyrights or other intellectual property rights enjoyed by both parties are still owned by each party alone, and will not be owned by the other party or jointly by both parties because of the signing or performance of this agreement by both parties.

Any party shall respect the intellectual property rights of the other party and the third party. If any third party files a lawsuit against the other party and claims compensation for the reason that one party violates its intellectual property rights and other legal rights, the responsible party shall independently handle the relevant disputes and compensate the other party. One party's direct economic loss, and make the other party exempt from liability.


You understand and agree that the service of GGtech is provided according to the status which the existing technology and conditions can achieve. GGtech will do its best to ensure the continuity and security of the service, but GGtech cannot guarantee that the services it provides are flawless. Therefore, even if the services provided by GGtech are flawed, if the above-mentioned flaws are unavoidable at the technical level of the industry at that time , it will not be regarded as a breach of contract by GGtech, and GGtech does not need to bear any responsibility. The two parties should cooperate in friendly cooperation to solve the problem.